Turn holidays into "holy days" all year long

  • Discover ways to celebrate all year long.
  • Focus on Christ at every seasonal celebration. Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick's Day,...
  • Teach character qualities to your children while they are celebrating each event.
  • Celebrating truth in fun ways, helps develop a grateful and generous heart in your children and can cultivate a servant's heart in every member of your family.
  • Customize the Celebration Curriculum to meet your unique needs through our flexible format. Purchase part or whole packages.
  • Activities, crafts, recipes, a complete plan. Multiple ideas are given to create the celebration that suits YOUR family's personality and needs.


Sondra really inspired parents to consciously incorporate God's truth into their family celebrations. Focusing on these truths, in a multitude of fun ways, we all (especially the Dads) came away with a new understanding of how valuable these traditions can be in the lives of our children.
Beth Clark, Home school convention coordinator (Montana)

COMING in 2009
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Those lazy, hazy days of summer... do you look forward to them or dread their arrival? Does thinking about having your kids home all day long spoil the beauty of summer for you? Let our 75 mini-ideas be a springboard to your own creativity for SUMMER FUN TOGETHER.

Well planned summer activities can make everyone feel satisfied, appreciated and glad to be in your family. Whatever your family make-up - these ideas can be adapted to your situtaion.

This 40 page booklet fits into a business envelope for mailing - buy some for friends.

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$3.00 USD Postpaid
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