Far More than a "Halloween alternative"

  • Enrich your people's awareness of the great heritage of godly men and women who faithfully followed Christ through the ages.
  • Give your children godly heroes to inspire their imagination and capture their hearts.
  • Teach church history in a way that is both entertaining and life enriching.
  • Encourage your entire church to walk more faithfully in the footsteps of those who exchanged their lives for the Life of our Lord. Learn how to leave a legacy.
  • Motivate your people to move from being spectators to being active followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Prepare your congregation to make a lasting impact on their world with their lives.

The History of our All Saints Eve:
When Halloween fell on Sunday a few years ago (as it will again in 2004) we asked our people what their children would miss if they couldn't go trick or treating. "Knocking on doors and getting candy," was their answer. We said, "We can do that!" And our church's All Saints Eve was born.

The beauty is that in its simplicity, it is transforming. Through few props, low light and candles when you walk into a room you are "back in time". Our actors are lay people who have picked up the vision of providing heroes for our children and hope for us all as we relive what God has done in lives down thru the ages.

All Saints Eve can be adapted to a house setting or a church of 400.

Included in the package are: a complete organizational plan for the evening, invitations, a few scripts to get you going, logo theme bags, etc. to carry the message through the whole night. We've field tested this for 5 years, each year undergoing changes until we came up with a plan that works for 40 or 400!

Our people tell us this is one of the highlights of their year. Many tell us, Halloween is no longer a topic in their homes. Their kids cannot wait for All Saints Eve!


This was an excellent 'more than just entertainment' family activity. I want to express my deep appreciation to your church.
John Kirk

We realize you invented this whole idea but could you put together a program so other churches could do this too? Alisa

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