Transform your Christmas Season
Celebrate overflows with practical ideas for transforming Christmas from a seasonal holiday to a holy season honoring the King of Kings. Celebrate provides a wide variety of activities to observe Christ's birth all month long. It allows you to choose ideas that suit your style and depth of activity. Including: Advent Wreath devotionals, creative alternatives for Santa, teaching children to be grateful givers, communicating God's truth through the symbols of the season and more.
Keeping Christ in your
Church Family's Christmas

Looking for ways to help your Church Family open their hearts and home to Christ this Christmas? Help direct the pace of the season and enrich Christmas with themes to bring Christ filled celebration into your services and the homes of your people. Our complete package includes ideas for worship services, advent readings, daily devotionals, advent crafts, practical applications for celebrations and much more.
Turn holidays into
"holy days" all year long

Join our family as we offer ideas on how to celebrate joyfully all year long. Included are ideas for Christ-centered celebrations for ALL holidays including your birthdays and anniversaries. Woven into the celebrations are activities and themes to also teach family values and character qualities. Let's Celebrate is published conveniently in a 3 ring binder so that your plans and ideas may also be inserted.
Far More than a "Halloween alternative"
For centuries the church set aside a day to proclaim God's faithfulness through the ages. Hosting an All Saints Eve Celebration with your church or group teaches church history, presents godly heroes for your children and provides a night of encouragement for all. Our complete package helps you create far more than just a "Halloween alternative."

Celebrations need to be fun. If our family times are full to the brim with laughter and encouragement, our children will soak up truth like sponges. From Family Celebrations by Anne Hibbard.

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