Celebrate Heart and Home

Welcome to our little corner of the world. Here you will find two women on a journey to make their heart and home a celebratory place where Jesus resides. We both have unique gifting and personalities and we welcome you with yours. We love learning from one another. No two of us are alike. Not even mothers and daughters (which we are). Each of us move through life and create it with our own one-of-a-kind style. We often stand amazed at how gracious God was to share His gift of creativity with His children.

On these pages, we plan to share how we celebrate life – all of it. From the days with a fussy baby to the grand celebrations of life events with all the family gathered. We need the big celebrations to give us hope and something to anticipate. We need them as reminders of what God has done and celebrating who He is. But we also deeply need to view celebrating as a state of heart and mind, a choice we make in our everyday “dailies.”

We hope we will become friends who meet often to be strengthened to be who we are, in our own little corners of the world. And leave . . . feeling warmed in heart, body and soul.

We love the seasons, so you will find through the year that this space will be filled with how to celebrate His seasonal and daily gifts. We are also in the process of writing books to give you a treasure of ideas from which to glean and enhance your own celebrations. From how to be Bethlehem Bound -to- Grateful Giving –to- Birthday Blessings –to- making October 31 a night to honor the faithful –to- Acts of Joy, etc., we hope to journey through the year with you in this space and in our books.

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See you soon!!

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